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Kinedrive X550 frequency inverters with water protection

Did you know that frequency inverters can work in a harsh environment? We will introduce you to the VYBO Electric frequency inverters of the X550 series with a water-resistant construction that can be operated even in open spaces.

Within the various segments of the industry, we also meet the different requirements of our clients. The different conditions for example, the woodworking industry, the pharmaceutical industry or other segments are extremely significant. For example, while explosion protection is often important for the woodworking industry, for other segments, water protection is crucial. At VYBO Electric we are able to supply equipment with waterproof construction that can be used for various purposes. Of course, IP65 drives are no exception.

If you are looking for inverters with truly advanced protection against external influences, be sure not to overlook the X550 series of inverters that are dust and water resistant to IP65 certification. The big advantage of these frequency inverters is not only reliable operation but also integrated EMC filter, PID operation, timers and protection functions.

Of course, the IP65 series frequency inverters also have smooth control and a host of other functions. They stand for quality as well as other types of frequency inverters, they also allow you to overload the electric motor up to 20% for a short time. Compared to other frequency inverters, however, they offer a nice bonus in the form of a durable construction, and that is what we will focus on.

The main domain of the X550 frequency inverters is, as we mentioned, resistance to dust and splashing water. This makes them suitable, for example, for diving equipment. In addition, they find their application in air conditioning, pumps, or in cutting and centrifugal machines.

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